Mallika Latest Photo Shoot On FHM

The FHM has the super sexy Sherawat at her skin-titillating best!

Burn Your Eyes
She's going to burn the eyes, so better wear sunglasses! That hot is the cover!

Single By Compulsion
In a chat with the magazine, Mallika says 'I am single,' she says, 'Not single by choice but more out of compulsion. But I am just a normal girl.' Any takers?

The Naked Truth!
Mallika does feel lonely at times. But then she says, 'I don't know why all men want to see me naked.' We may be able to answer that question, Mallika!

Making Hiss-tory
Getting milkshakes named after her, doing raunchy item numbers, doing bad Hollywood movies, and now this photoshoot- Malika will do anything to be in news! And her fans love her for it!
Photo Credit : FHM & Santabanta